Porch Swing

There are three separate components to the Cool Swing: the swing, the a-frame, and the roof.

Just one part that illustrates the lifetime intention of the swing is the hanging chains. The chains aren't typical twisted loop porch swing chains; rather they are larger diameter logging type chains. The swing itself is made from fully hand welded angle iron, sealed square tubing, and expanded metal. Expanded metal surfacing facilitates easy customized covering with cushions or just about any desired covering material (wood, metal, fiberglass, etc.). Three to four coats of industrial-grade primer are topped with a couple coats of industrial-grade enamel provide a tough finish, and it can easily painted any color you want. I still dip and spray paint instead of powder coated or other finishing techniques to insure maximum primer and paint flow into all recesses and unseen undersides where rust typically begins.

The three separate components include:
1) The swing is meant to be the most comfortable swing on the planet because it can be adjusted and customized to fit anyone's desired height and recline (so, if it's not the most comfortable swing on the planet, you just haven't found the right adjustment). The chains and eye-bolts accompanying the swing allow significant adjustability in seat height (distance from the ground to the seat), and seat recline (incline from the front of the seat to the rear). The wide Adirondack-style armrests and structural design of the swing make it unmistakably associated with all other Cool Products. The swing also has a high-rise backrest to offer head and shoulder support to facilitate upright napping (nothing's worse than head drops when dosing with nothing to rest your head against).
2) The a-frame is an assembly of easily manageable parts no longer than six feet in length. Assembly is easy and takes 10-20 minutes. One very handy feature of the a-frame, side tables affixed to the leg cross braces, offers a handy place to sit books, coffee cups, or whatever without having to get up from the swing. Another important feature of the a-frame is the holes at the base of the legs for adding tie-downs to help prevent the wind from tipping the a-frame over or even to add some theft deterrence.
3) The a-frame roof, bolted to the top bar of the a-frame, is made from overlapping cedar boards so not only does it offer shade protection, it also adds a great cedar aroma. The roof is not meant to be a rain roof, but rather a sun roof to provide shade.