Memory Keepsafe

Memory Keepsafe

Keeps the Memories Vibrant!

The Greatest Wedding Present Ever!

Problem: What does a newlywed couple do with the incredibly important memorabilia and souvenirs from their wedding: the items that represent the foundation of their relationship and the most important day of their lives together?

Answer: Origin of the Memory Keepsafe: A couple years after we got married we were cleaning out a closet when we came upon the large plastic box with a bunch of stuff from our wedding and honeymoon. It was sad to think about throwing it away or even keeping it stored out-of-sight in the box in the closet perhaps forever out-of-sight and out-of-mind. So, I decided to build two wall-mounted cabinets to put a bunch of it in to protect it and so we would see it every day and have easy access to it.

Synopsis: The Memory Keepsafe is a glass-fronted, wall-mounted showcase that is customized with the couple's names and wedding date on the glass that is meant for storing and displaying mementos from the couple's wedding. The Memory Keepsafe is meant to keep the memory of the wedding vivid by keeping items from that day in sight everyday.

Purpose: The Memory Keepsafes keep marriages strong and loving by being an everyday reminder of the most exciting and happiest day in a couple's relationship- their wedding day. Memory Keepsafe—Marriage Bulwark. A wedding gift that will last for more than a lifetime.

Memory Keepsafe:
- the second most important visible reminder and defender of the marriage after the wedding rings.
- keeps the joy, magic, and excitement of that most special event vibrant and strong for years to come.
- a powerful visible everyday reminder of the wedding ceremony and the vows that were made to each other.
- protects and keeps the memories of the wedding fresh and clear forever.
- can have a profoundly positive impact on the long-term stability of any marriage.
- a great way to help every husband remember his anniversary date (this is perhaps the most important attribute of a Keepsafe!).
- prevents precious items from the wedding from being boxed up out of sight and possibly thrown away in the future.

Customized names and wedding date for each couple with choice of graphic template.
Four customizable graphics to choose from: Couple 1; Joined Rings 1; Two Doves & Heart 1; and Two Hearts & Cross 1 (click on the image to blow it up then click the back arrow to return)

Graphics Available: (1) Couple 1; (2) Joined Rings; (3) Two Doves & Heart; (4) Two Hearts & Cross.
Graphic is etched-glass look vinyl—it can be updated, added to, or changed later on if necessary.
Constructed from sturdy solid oak wood.
Currently only in Red Oak color (white coming soon).
Comes with four completely adjustable or removable shelves
Center shelf standard is removable to give access to the full back wall
Top hanging rings are on 16-inch centers—mount to the wall with heavy duty screws or bolts in studs (not included) Click the image to view a larger version then click the back arrow to return

Items to keep in the Memory Keepsafe:
Pictures- the back wall can be turned into a collage as a backdrop for the items in the Keepsafe.
The Marriage License- what could be better than having your marriage license out where you can see it every day or have easy access to it if it is needed.
Unity Candle Set
Mixed Sand Unity Set
Corsages and Boutonnieres
Wedding Invitations
Guest Sign-in Book
First Toast Glasses
The Ceremonial Wedding Cake Knife
The Wedding Cake Topper
Ring Bearer Pillow
Honeymoon Souvenirs
Wedding Ceremony Program
First Toast Champagne or Wine Bottle
Bride's Wedding Veil
Memorabilia Gifts
Ceremony Decorations
Shower Souvenirs
License Signing Pen
Wedding Scrapbook
Wedding Planning Notebook

Introductory Price: $200.00 + tax (in LA) + shipping costs. I have them packed and shipped by UPS Packing and Shipping. It's somewhat expensive, but well worth it to insure safe and sound delivery. Free local delivery or pickup.

To inquire about ordering, email whogue@bayoustyle com.

Payment upon delivery or shipment—cash, money order, or credit card in person; PayPal if online. $20 flat rate shipping on all shipped orders to the lower 48, shipping calculated otherwise. Online order process handled via email (phone conversations if needed): (1) Contact via email to order graphic and specify names exactly how they will be placed on the glass and wedding date, (2) I will install glass graphic and send pictures for approval, (3), after approval I will invoice via PayPal through email (a PayPal account is not required, payment can be made with a credit card), (4) I will pack, guarantee the package, and ship. Note that if the Keepsafe is damaged in transit, it will be insured, and I will fix or replace it until you are happy.

If not in stock, potentially a four to eight week delivery time-frame (the longer time frame is if I have none completed and in stock; this is a one-person operation!); construction and customization of the lettering on the glass begins as soon as possible after order (I also have a full time day job!). There will be significant communication throughout the process to keep you in the loop on progress.

Shreveport pickup is near Centenary College, or I will deliver if local. Other pickup points will be developed in the future
This is a small, spare-time, operation so I will maintain a very low initial inventory, however I am working on lining up an easily accessible location where we can display them for viewing, ordering, and pick-up. In the interim, if you wish to see the Keepsafes please contact me and we can make arrangements, most are kept at my house or in my shop off Youree Drive.

Potential Buyers
Bride or Groom's Parents as a wedding gift
Grooms as a wedding gift to his bride
Grooms as an anniversary gift well after the wedding
Brides who just want to make sure these precious items and memories are cared for
Families or friends of the couple in case none of the above have discovered these

Detailed View Pictures (Click to view larger version of the picture then click the back arrow to return)
Inside view with various shelf configurations; 4, 3, and no shelf configurations:

Hanging the Keepsafe: