The Hogue Deer Skinner

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Problem: Like most old deer hunters, we were quite proud of how quick and easy we could skin a deer. We learned from our Fathers and elders like they from theirs. Experts! We've been practicing since we were kids, so we are experts at our way of doing it. Why mess with something that was perfect?

Well, as we got older (and wiser), we realized that a process that hadn't changed in years might in fact be improved upon. We also knew we weren't getting any younger and there weren't as many younger people coming up behind us to take over, so maybe we could use an easier way to do it.

The Hogue Skinner

The Hogue Skinner is a mechanical skinning assistance apparatus and method that eliminates much of the effort and many of the problems in the traditional methods that we skin and process deer and other animals. It is a far step from the way we did it for decades of using the limb of the big oak tree in the backyard. With the Hogue Skinner, one person can skin a deer with little manual effort and keep the meat as clean as if it were in a commercial packing house, no matter where you're at.

We skin our deer from the hind legs down, but this system will work just as well (maybe better) skinning from the head down. We're developing an option to make it possible to skin from the head down, then flip the deer over to eviserate and quarter or bone out while it's hanging from the hind legs.

What makes this skinner revolutionary is that one person, man or woman, working alone, can completely skin, gut, and bone-out a deer with little effort or help at all. The Hogue Skinner works by connecting the hide to the base of the skinner and pulling the animal up out of the skin. The carcass never touches anything (especially not the ground). The whole concept is patented, the method and apparatus. If you're skinning a big older deer, when skinning from the hind legs down, you will have to help a little with a knife in places where it's not peeling the hide off but pulling the meat off instead.

Click here to view the patent on Google Patents.

The Skinner is designed to break down into pieces no longer than 6 feet long in an effort to somewhat ease shipping and make transporting and storing it easier. It can easily be assembled and set up in well less than an hour or so by one person, much quicker and especially safer with some help.

If you live in a colder climate and you like to let your deer age some before cutting it up, you can lift the processed carcass up out of the reach of dogs easily after you're finished. No more tree limbs or barn rafters, this is the modern way of doing it.

The skinner will come in a bare basic model ready to assemble and use immediately (with no options), which will include a patented Hogue Singletree, hand operated winch (with all necessary cable, hooks & pulleys), two Ball-Noose-Chain hide grabbing devices, steps, knife tray, and the tower.
The Hogue Skinner
Additional available options include:
- Skinner Elevator- (in design)- apparatus that will allow a single person to stand up and lay down a skinner.
- knife tray
- light duty ground tie-downs with locking capabilities (your lock)
- heavy duty ground tie-downs with locking capabilities (your lock)
- light bar (you supply and mount lights)
- light kit (light bar and lights ready to attach)
- scale kit for weighing deer
- electric hoist
- squirrel, coon, coyote, etc. skinners

This skinner will change everything. Stay tuned to see when they are going to hit the market. We realize that we're going to have to bring in the expertise to get them on the market so we're about to start meeting with potential partners and investors to help with that.

Objects and advantages of the Hogue Skinner from the patent:
- a new method and apparatus for skinning and processing animals.
- a self-contained apparatus not dependent on a utilizable tree or pole nor requiring a vehicle to complete the skinning and butchering procedure.
- a mechanical skinning apparatus that performs the skinning process off the ground, away from dirt, debris, and other contaminants.
- an apparatus constructed of sufficient strength to withstand the substantial force necessary to mechanically remove the hide from an animal.
- a method and apparatus that allows completion of the skinning process without requiring the transfer of the animal from the movable winch cable to a stationary point and back again.
- an apparatus that will successfully aid and complete the skinning process while lifting the animal either from the rear legs or from the head.
- an apparatus with sufficient height to complete the skinning process without the need to continuously reset the hide grab points.
- an apparatus that will keep the meat of the carcass clean and free of contaminants from contact with the ground, outside of the hide, or from human hands.
- a self-contained entire skinning system that is portable, dismantlable, and compact when disassembled for storage or transport.
- a skinning system that will allow a single person, with no help, to completely perform the skinning and butchering process.
- an apparatus with the ability to raise the carcass out of the reach of dogs or other animals to cool or age after the process.
- a skinning and hoisting apparatus that will work equally well on large game such as deer and small furbearing animals such as raccoons or beavers.

This is a very early model in use.
The Hogue Skinner Lift