Memory Keepsafe

Memory Keepsafe

Keeps the Memories Vibrant!

The Greatest Wedding Present Ever!

Problem: What does a newlywed couple do with the incredibly important memorabilia and souvenirs from their wedding: the items that represent the foundation of their relationship and the most important day of their lives together?


This page is an index of all of the products Wayne has created, some available and some still in the concept stage.

Hogue Deer Skinner

Hogue Singletree

Step Stool Work Bench

Yard Flag Pole

Porch Swing

Captains Chair

The Hogue Adirondack Chair

Pictures of the newest prototype (Click Here)

The Hogue Adirondack Chair is the most adjustable, customizable, add-on-able, functional, durable, versatile and most intricately engineered yet simple to use and economical to manufacture chair on the planet.

There's never been a chair with so much adjustability and so many option; a chair that anyone of most any size can adjust to fit them perfectly. And because of all of the "mosts;" the Hogue Adirondack is also the most comfortable and most user-friendly and usable chair on the planet.

Product Categories:
Adirondack Chairs
Lounge chairs
Deck chairs
Patio chairs
Lawn chairs
Beach chairs
Fishing chairs

In an Adirondack chair market full of wooden non-adjustable chairs, and a lounge, deck, etc. chair market full of different versions of the same ole thing, the Hogue Adirondack Chair is the innovative next level product. The Hogue Adirondack Chair can be marketed distinctly and separately to each of these categories because of the specific benefits it offers to each market: one chair, multiple categories and multiple markets!

The Hogue Adirondack may be considered a multi-use outdoor chair, but it might also be the best living room TV chair ever! So, bring it in the house and use it every day.

The prototype in the pictures to the left are an early version, the newer prototype has a vinyl strap seat and backrest instead of expanded metal. The vinyl strapping is more comfortable, much less expensive, and easier to work with. The newer prototype also has detachable wooden armrests and an improved and more comfortable backrest recline notched upper bar.


Metal framing meant to last forever—every chair is intended to last a lifetime. Prototypes are made from iron, but aluminum would work as well.
Large Adirondack style armrests for holding plates, books, drinks, etc.
No-mar feet for finished floors or decks, but the full bar-frame makes it sit on beach sand too.
Removable armrests to make the frame smaller for easier transport or storage.
Patented with additional patents in progress.

Advantages include:

- Front of seat is adjustable up and down;
- Rear of seat is adjustable up and down;
- Entire seat height is adjustable up and down while also maintaining the same slope orientation;
- Seat slope is adjustable from a steep Adirondack chair style slope with rear of seat near ground level and front of seat at normal comfortable height to a flat orientation or even a decline from rear to front;
- Entire backrest is adjustable forward or backward shortening or lengthening the length of the seat or the distance between the front of the seat and the point where the backrest rises vertically away from the seat;
- Vertical angle or recline angle of the backrest is pivotal and adjustable of a 180º radius from a horizontal state or lounge-chair-like rearwardly recline to a forward position parallel to the angle of the seat, even a flat state at near ground level;
- Backrest pivotally transforms to a wheelbarrow-like handle for lifting the front of the seating apparatus in order to engage the rear facing wheels to the ground or surface for rolling or transport.
- Seat and backrest both adjust to a forward position in order to facilitate rotating the front of the seating apparatus upward 90º and onto its rear end to accommodate a smaller profile storage posture;
- Every conceivable adjustability a chair can possess on the two basic elements of a chair, the seat and the backrest, is disclosed in one embodiment of the seating apparatus.

Add-on Options:

- Adjustable Foot and Leg Rest/Ottoman/Table/Stool- a footrest that is height and slop adjustable- set the slope of the footrest to match the slope of your legs for maximum comfort, then if you need a small table or a place for someone else to sit, extend the legs, level the deck, and the footrest becomes a table or a stool.
- Umbrella Holder- Attaches to any leg so it can be set and moved to the exact right location. The holder will also allow the umbrella to be tilted if necessary.
- Fishing Rod Holder- Tight-line catfishing or surf fishing will never be the same—you could have as many as eight rods attached to your chair. Of course you'll want to make sure the chair is securely tied down to keep a big one from pulling it in the water.
- Book/Suntan Lotion/etc. Saddlebag- a wire basket mounted to the side of the chair for keeping stuff handy and off the ground or out of the sand.
- Lockable Safe Saddlebag- A lockable box for keeping your wallet or other valuables safe while you’re out in the water away from your chair. Uses a combination lock so you won’t need to keep up with keys or anything.
- Flag Holder- Fly a flag above your chair.
- Beach Wheels- easily attachable larger wheels that attach to the base to lift the chair for rolling on the beach.
- Beach Tie-downs- lock your chair in place on the beach to keep it from "walking off."
- Multiple Alternative Coverings- The current choice for the seat and backrest covering is vinyl strapping. Other coverings such as wood, metal mesh, etc. may also be available.

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